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The Cloud-Native VDI Advantage: What Every CIO Needs to Know

When Workspot was founded in 2012, the team’s goal was to completely reinvent the VDI stack for the cloud era. Fast-forward a few years, and Workspot is deploying virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations on Microsoft Azure – in a day! That’s an industry-first. It’s a very exciting time for us and more importantly, for organizations of all sizes that can finally reap the benefits of VDI.

How did we get here?  And why should you care?  What’s the significance of a “cloud-native” solution? What’s the advantage in the real world?

Consider this: Legacy VDI products were designed for on-premises data centers, but the industry has changed dramatically with the availability of cloud services. CIOs making strategic decisions for IT infrastructure have more choices than ever before. But it’s very important to dive deep when evaluating a new VDI solution (or reevaluating an existing one). The marketing around these solutions can be confusing, and the differences are stark. Workspot built a modern, cloud-native architecture as a single, unified platform so we can provide VDI, published apps and server-hosted desktops across Microsoft Azure and on-premises infrastructure with instant and infinite scalability, and all managed from a single pane of glass. No other vendor does this; it’s an industry-first!


Let’s explore why it matters. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Workspot’s unique architecture:


These days, most CIOs want to reduce or eliminate their on-premises data center infrastructure. With Workspot, you can deploy virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations on Azure in just one day. It’s an insanely simple, turnkey service that is enterprise-ready. You can also take a hybrid approach and keep some desktops, apps, and data on-prem if needed. There’s no need to micro-manage VDI anymore. Now you can reallocate those IT resources to more strategic projects!

Maximum Flexibility

Deploy virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations across multiple data centers globally, including Azure, on-prem, or a rented co-lo, empowering you with speed, agility, and global reach. Respond more easily to M&A, spin up desktops in hours to meet project demands, reach new markets, and access the best talent in the world.

Better Than Physical PC Performance

When you make the move to Azure, you’ll locate virtual desktops and apps in the Azure regions closest to your users. In most cases, they’re never more than 50ms away from those desktops, and we have customers reporting 12ms response times.  That’s phenomenal performance – and that’s for a cloud GPU workstation! With Workspot on Azure, VDI performance issues are ancient history.  Users at the corporate headquarters can still use on-prem infrastructure if that makes sense for the organization, and IT can easily manage it all with a single console.

Massive Scalability

Now scaling VDI happens instantly. The Workspot architecture scales to millions of devices across thousands of organizations, and it’s multi-tenant, just like any modern, cloud architecture – such as SalesForce or FaceBook. And the desktops and apps can be located in any of the 50+ regions of Azure around the world, as close to the users as possible.


We’re proud to consistently report 99.95% or greater uptime. Why would you settle for anything less? You can always see this for yourself on our Workspot Status web page.

Customer Success

Another industry-first is our unique Customer Success Program. What sets us apart is our absolute commitment to your success. Period. If you’re not happy within the first 30 days of your deployment, you don’t pay us a dime. We’re that committed and that confident! We also offer free deployment services and flat rate subscription pricing that includes the cost of Azure.

No Azure presence? No problem. We help you get everything set up.  Already using Azure? Great – we accommodate that too. Your dedicated customer success champions work with you to make it all happen.

Workspot Desktop Cloud, App Cloud and Workstation Cloud offer customers the fastest time-to-value, along with rapid, ongoing innovation, at an unprecedented pace. Our customers tell us we are completely transforming their businesses.  That’s exciting stuff, and that’s our whole reason for being. We look forward to working with you!