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Forget Everything You Know About Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

It’s actually pretty shocking how fast the state of end-user computing is changing. Workspot was early to market with our cloud desktop platform on Microsoft Azure – we were ready just as soon as Microsoft made the necessary licensing changes to Windows 10. At the same time, CIOs everywhere were realizing they’d had enough of dealing with on-premises data centers. With so many Azure regions at their fingertips, and with the added realization that Microsoft could secure their information assets in the cloud better than in-house IT teams could on-premises, the road to cloud adoption for desktop workloads was paved. Today, Workspot cloud desktops and high-performance GPU workstations on Azure are transforming entire industries, and creating new possibilities for our customers is exciting for everyone.

Toss the Old VDI Baggage

So here we are. It’s time to put the baggage of legacy VDI behind us because there’s a much better way to go forward. It’s time to forget everything you know about VDI and take a fresh look at the new virtual desktops – cloud desktops – and what they bring to the table for enterprise growth. If we examine the concerns our customers consistently bring to us, whether they are new to VDI and have heard about problems experienced by their peers or they’ve implemented VDI and they’re considering a change from their current solution, the magnitude of the innovation Workspot has achieved will be clear.

  • Complex to provision – Solved!
  • Poor performance for users – Solved!
  • Difficult to scale – Solved!
  • Time-consuming and costly to operate – Solved!

Let’s discuss how Workspot is uniquely able to solve these customer pain points.

Rethink Virtual Desktops to Bring New Opportunities

Forget About Complex VDI Deployment. Get Fast Time-to-Value

It’s a combination of our technology innovation and our world-class Customer Success team that makes sure you achieve your deployment goals fast. We’ve taken large deployments live in a couple of weeks. It can take a bit longer for some customers depending on their readiness, but you get the picture. Time-to-value for legacy VDI is measured in months and years, not days and weeks. With Workspot, you don’t have to deal with infrastructure complexity; we do the heavy lifting for you.


  • Simplify IT processes
  • Reallocate valuable IT resources to more strategic projects
  • Launch cloud desktops anywhere in the world to pursue new business

Forget About Unproductive VDI Users. Get Outstanding Performance

The days of IT teams being the grievance committee are over. It’s time for them to be the heroes! Here’s how we can help. Legacy VDI produces a lot of unhappy end-users because latency and overprovisioning results in poor performance. Users wait around to login and to get access to their apps and data. Apps respond slowly if there is a long haul for that data to travel to a remote data center and back. It’s just the nature of legacy VDI. With Workspot, cloud desktops are placed in any of the 56+ Azure regions around the globe; you locate them nearest the user, usually within 25 – 50 ms, which is latency even powers users won’t notice. This is a complete game-changer for IT. Our customers tell us every day how much their users love Workspot because the performance is great and it just works – and that means fewer helpdesk tickets and happier users who can be equally productive at the office, at home, or anywhere.


  • Boost user productivity; retain valuable employees
  • Attract Millennials with your forward-thinking IT stack
  • Assign more strategic projects to your IT team

Forget About VDI Scalability Limitations. Get Workspot Cloud Desktops Anywhere in Minutes

The public cloud has brought us massive compute scale. Instead of having one or two data centers, today’s enterprises can have at least 56 around the world (and that’s just Azure!) This is where Workspot’s Cloud Desktop Fabric™ becomes truly transformational for enterprises. Imagine being able to scale up cloud desktops in minutes, anywhere, to meet new business demands. Imagine hiring all the best people for the job, no matter where they live. With Workspot, that kind of business transformation comes with the territory.


  • Become the agile business that beats the competition to the punch
  • Respond to market dynamics in real-time
  • Quickly expand the business to new geographies

Forget About Crushing VDI OpEx. Get Flate-Rate Pricing & 99.95% Reliability

Anyone familiar with legacy VDI knows how labor-intensive it is to maintain and troubleshoot. It requires expensive IT people to wrangle all the complex piece-parts of the infrastructure and software components, and over time, those operating expenses continue to rise. Even so, when considering moving desktops to the cloud, CEOs and CIOs also worry about the variability of cloud compute costs, which can vary from region to region. Workspot not only reduces the overall TCO of virtual desktops, but we offer our cloud desktops with flat-rate pricing that includes the cost of Azure compute. You receive a single bill from Workspot for everything. Go-Live Deployment Services and ongoing support are also included. So not only did we re-invent the technology but we also completely changed the business model for virtual desktops to make it easier for IT teams to be successful. Plus, Workspot alleviates your IT team from worry about desktop reliability and all of the effort that goes into maintaining it. We take on the cloud desktop SLA, and our industry-leading 99.95% desktop uptime means you can worry about something else.


  • Re-allocate highly skilled IT personnel to projects that drive business growth
  • Assign less expensive, level 1 support people to respond to questions about their desktops
  • Replace expensive physical workstations with low-cost endpoints

Ready to explore how cloud desktops can transform your business? Let’s schedule 30 minutes to discuss your use cases