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Turnkey Service

Turnkey: Uber, or build your own car? Workspot, or assemble your own VDI stack? Workspot cloud VDI is a turnkey service that deploys in days and scales globally in minutes.

Configure: Simply choose the CPU, memory, and storage configuration for cloud desktops and workstations. Onboard users in minutes.

Flat-Rate Pricing: There’s no reason for you to be surprised by cloud compute costs. Our flat-rate pricing gives you complete predictability, all wrapped up in a single Workspot bill that includes Azure costs.

99.95% PC SLA: We are responsible for the SLA of your cloud desktops, and that alleviates IT teams from “keeping the lights on” tasks.

Download the GET framework for VDI: GET Framework


Cloud Desktop Fabric™

The public cloud offers tens of massive data centers around the globe, with tens of gigabits per second network connectivity, but its complexity is a challenge. Only Workspot was built from the ground up as a cloud-native, enterprise-ready service that harnesses the power at the edge of the cloud – and puts it to work for you. Workspot customers simply select their configurations and images, and their enterprise use cases are quickly deployed using Workspot’s ground-breaking, elastic infrastructure layer called the Cloud Desktop Fabric™. This is a single pane of glass that provisions and manages virtual desktops in the Azure regions closest to your employees, contractors, or partners – often less than 25 ms away – for low latency that means amazing performance, wherever they are. Best of all, as your deployment needs change, the fabric is always ready to accommodate them.

Better Performance than a Physical PC

Edge of the cloud deployments result in users accessing their cloud desktop over a high bandwidth and low latency local connection. This is the secret to better-than-PC performance. Give all your users, even the most demanding CAD engineer, an experience that delights them and boosts productivity. Forget about on-premises VDI – that’s so last decade. Compare our cloud desktops to physical PCs and workstations for the real test of great performance. Even CAD engineers love us for the “ridiculous speed” they experience!

Watch the video to see CAD Manager Rebecca Yu conduct a side by side performance comparison with her local workstation.

Download the executive brief:  The New Math of VDI Performance

See how far your users are from the nearest Azure region.

Performance Comparison
Rebecca Yu, CAD Manager, Mead & Hunt


Workspot cloud VDI was built for enterprise deployments and integrates with:

  • Your custom apps
  • Your custom auth (Okta, Azure AD, etc.)
  • Your custom security policies
  • Your custom images
  • Your custom tools (SCCM, BigFix, etc.)
  • Your custom processes
  • Your custom infrastructure

Workspot addresses the unique requirements of your users and use cases and is optimized for delivering unmatched performance no matter where users are located.

Download the executive brief: What Makes a Cloud Desktop Solution Enterprise Ready?

On-Demand, Global Virtual Desktops

Every day, employees and contractors join the company or change locations somewhere in the world. Today it takes weeks or months to provision a desktop for them, resulting in significant lost productivity and unnecessary costs. What if you could integrate with your existing ITSM workflows and provision a cloud desktop in any part of the globe in minutes? Our ServiceNow integration enables you to implement an automated workflow for provisioning cloud desktops, streamlining the onboarding process and getting people productive fast!

Business SLA

Our cloud-native architecture enables 99.95% Workspot SLA with the following innovative features:

  • Control vs. Data Plane separation
  • Stateful clients that operate independently of the control plane, so that even in the unlikely event that the control plane is unavailable, many end user activities can still proceed
  • Deep instrumentation of all layers of the stack along with our real-time big data pipeline allows us to see errors in real time and solve problems before they impact the productivity of a large number of users

Many of the problems that are experienced by users happen because of issues with external components. We cannot solve those problems, but we can help customers identify those problems in real-time, so they can take action faster.

Customer Success

From day one, Workspot has gone way beyond customer satisfaction. We’re in the business of happy, successful customers who can easily achieve their growth objectives by successfully deploying Workspot cloud VDI solutions.

90-Day Go Live Services Included
Our team is responsible for ensuring your Workspot solution is up and running. Your subscription pricing includes 90 days of go-live services to ensure your success. These services include helping you set up Azure, creating the right images, configuring the network & MFA, and making sure that your end users experience acceptable performance.

Standard Support
After you go live, we provide free, standard support services, including Workspot upgrades and maintenance. 24×7 and premium support plans are also available.

Data-Native Architecture

Workspot cloud VDI is instrumented at all points, including the clients used by end users, the gateways they traverse to access the corporate network, and the agents on cloud desktops. Every time a user connects, disconnects, or fails to connect, we collect data about the client, the cloud desktop, and the network. Data is also collected about end user activity during a session.

Events Security Feed
Customers access a real-time feed of all end user activity – when they log in, when they log out, any failed authentication attempts, and more. Some IT admins refer to it as a “twitter feed of end user activity.”

Splunk Integration
Our Splunk plugin can securely connect to our cloud infrastructure, bringing all the data Workspot collects into your Splunk systems so you can analyze it with all the other data being collected.

Operations Center
Our operations team has end to end visibility into all issues with a user – from trouble connecting to experiencing slow performance – and they can help you look for patterns. For example, if a gateway is down in Singapore, or a DNS server is down in Raleigh, or if all users are seeing degraded performance in Amsterdam, our ops team can help you identify the precise issue fast.

Much of the data we collect is available through APIs, so in addition to the standard reports we provide, our customers can use tools such as Microsoft Excel to download the data and build their own reports to meet specific requirements.