Desktop Cloud

Workspot Desktop Cloud is a global, enterprise-ready, turnkey, virtual desktop service that combines the power of Workspot with Microsoft Azure. Now, you can deploy hundreds or thousands of Windows 10 virtual desktops into multiple Azure regions, anywhere on the planet – fast.

  • Blazing Fast Performance: Leverage Azure’s global regions to easily provision high performance cloud desktops for all your applications. Co-location of data with compute power, in Azure, ensures that users experience fast file read/write times and fluid workflow. There is no data corruption or loss, even if your connection to the cloud desktop is interrupted.
  • Robust Security: Workspot cloud desktops are not susceptible to theft, loss, malware or user error. There is no data on any edge device and our cloud-native architecture features encryption for data in motion and at rest. IT has 100% control over the deployment including a global view of all user activity, conditional access provisioning and geo-fencing.


Download the Desktop Cloud Solution Brief and find out how to deploy virtual desktops in a day!

Workspot Desktop Cloud - Windows 10 on Azure





The Desktop Cloud Addresses Use Cases Across Industries

Use Cases

Our customers use Desktop Cloud for multiple use cases including:

  • Contractors: Enterprises rely on offshore contractors for various projects including software development. Securing intellectual property and maintaining high productivity is a challenge for enterprises employing a global workforce. Here’s how Workspot can help.
  • Call Center: Organizations can deploy call centers anywhere in the world and ensure secure access to data by call center employees. With Workspot, call center employees can be situated anywhere – including shared office space and home offices.
  • On-Prem Apps: Enterprises that have made an investment in customized on-premises applications such as SAP can benefit from Desktop Cloud. Workspot has helped multiple customers connect their users with their on-prem applications while benefiting from the cloud.


Workspot provides IT admins with a single platform to quickly provision virtual desktops for employees and contractors anywhere across the globe, providing significant benefits.

  • Remote Work: Enable people to work remotely, whether from home, a hotel, or shared office space
  • Reduced IT Complexity: Workspot cloud solutions are built to simplify IT management without disrupting existing workflows
  • Rapid Scalability: Scale your desktop deployment to match organizational and project needs – in minutes!
  • External Collaboration: Collaborate securely with external contractors without the need to give them access to your corporate network
  • Compliance: Simplify compliance around data sovereignty, eDiscovery, IT audit trail and local regulations (e.g. GDPR)
  • Built-in DR: Meet your BCP requirements. Maximize organizational productivity and minimize downtime through built-in disaster recovery
  • Reduced Costs: Save on upfront Capex and cumbersome hardware refreshes. It has no need to ship physical devices to end users and has the option to enable a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy